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“Here I am!” A Theory of Political Action

Posted on 04/02/2014
Dr. Aryeh Cohen

The significance of this incident is not actually the texting, but the moment before. I have been trying to recreate how I decided to risk arrest. I am focusing on this moment not because it was such a great and courageous act—I was arrested along with fifty or so other clergy and workers for sitting down on Sunset Blvd. and refusing to get up. My interest is in articulating a theory, or a narrative, of how people move from the couch to recognizing an injustice to doing something about it.

How I Recharge

Posted on 03/19/2014
Joshua Henkin

Teaching fiction writing brings me back to my own roots as a writer. I’m often asked whether I always wanted to be a writer, and the answer is, Yes, I always wanted to be a writer, but then I also always wanted to be a basketball player, and at some point you realize you’re neither good enough nor tall enough.

How Do I Recharge?

Posted on 03/06/2014

Every day I get a message from my phone when the battery hits 20 percent. Time to recharge. I keep charging cords at home, in my briefcase and in my car to make sure my phone never is out of charge. But while phones are easy to plug in, how do we recharge? How do we make sure that we are not running out of steam? In a world where we are always connected, always tethered to work by technology, how do we provide for our own personal sense of renewal?

Making Jewish Ritual My Own: A Story About Yoda, Chopped Liver, and Hand Towels

Posted on 02/27/2014
Rabbi Daniel Brenner

Growing up with cousins who were really Jewish – they dressed like extras on Yentl, lived in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in the days before a single hipster had set foot in the neighborhood, spent every weekday in Yeshiva and pre-ripped their toilet paper in preparation for the sabbath– I was always a bit hesitant to go any deeper into Jewish ritual life.