Why be Jewish?

Why be Jewish?


These four conversation guides are based on the by Edgar Bronfman’s book, ‘Why Be Jewish?’. They include topics of community, growth, home, and connection. All four guides are included together in this download.

Who is in your community? This guide uses traditional teachings about community and Edgar’s reflections on the experience of community in Jewish life to open the conversation.

How do we grow? In this guide, Edgar discusses the Jewish ethic of reflection and self-improvement, the hard work of seeing ourselves honestly and holding ourselves to higher standards.

Where do you feel at home? Home is many things. It can be a physical place, defined by relationships or even be in our experiences. In this guide Edgar invites us to explore the many roles “home” plays in Jewish tradition.

How do you connect Jewishly? Edgar shares his journey to identify the Jewish principles that informed his secular Jewish practice, and with twelve principals, he provides many ways to open this conversation.

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